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Important information about our construction kits

DIY Speakers

Jobst-Audio offers various loudspeaker kits for reproduction,
the most common ones can be found here on our website.

Our focus here is on the pro audio area,
i.e. loudspeakers for professional sound reinforcement tasks.

From time to time we also find ourselves in the areas of hi-fi, cinema, studio and car hi-fi.

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Jobst Audio DIY


Jobst Audio CNC DIY

General information about the reproduction

The higher the quality of a kit, the more work is behind it,
so not all of our construction plans are freely accessible in their entirety.

There is an "Availability" block under each listed kit,
This shows what information or construction plans are available.
Some are completely free of charge, some are subject to a charge,
some are included with the purchase of the kit/crossiver.

Documents with detailed construction plans, cutting lists and all the necessary
Information about the replica & control are always provided by us
when purchasing the crossover or the kit.
Incl. DSP settings (minimum limiter and the appropriate high-pass filters)
These are generally more detailed than the freely accessible blueprints.
Why? As a goodie if the kits are purchased from us.

Our kits can be purchased from our webshop

Will be kits (Crossover, crossover or complete kit)
obtained from Jobst-Audio (e.g. via Webshop ), all reproduction documents
are already included (in printed form or partly activated by download in the shop)


Fair Use

Development does not cost time and material,
but also requires years of specialist knowledge
from the relevant area.

We therefore ask for fair treatment of
our developments, related Reproduction documents,
kits, their contents and plans, especially
as far as publication/distribution on the internet is concerned,
e.g. in forums, communities or social networks.

With customer-specific developments, things are
similar, see also the following link.

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Jobst Audio CNC 2 DIY


DIY Public Address

Public Address

Loudspeakers for demanding sound reinforcement tasks.
This area has the highest possible requirements in terms of
reliability, robustness, level stability, directivity,
as well as compliance with precise specifications including detailed and extremely precise 
data sheet values, both for rental as well as installation.

Since this is our passion, the speaker kits are divided into different
series, e.g.
  • B - Serie - Inexpensive entry-level kits for private and small events
  • L - Serie - The entry into the semipro area
  • M - Serie - Professional tool for the organizer
  • K - Serie - Professional tool. Small & Compact
  • H - Serie - High-end and horn for high demands
  • LF-Serie - Forum boxes from the

Further series are already in the works, including for fullrange & monitoring

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Usually one finds in the hi-fi industry a lot of imprecise information,
if one gets any information at all about the loudspeaker box,
apart from the usual hymns of praise,
novel-filled texts about the design and very subjective
and room-dependent sound descriptions.

Not with us:
We also treat hi-fi kits with the same care as PA.

The kits are divided into rough categories, such as shelf speakers,
standing speakers, cinema or studio

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Jobst Audio HiFi DIY


Jobst Audio MODS DIY


Not every manufacturer follows the same philosophy 
when developing their loudspeaker boxes.
Particularly in the inexpensive segment, you can find decent
loudspeaker boxes, reasonably equipped, but there is a problem with
the crossover, that they do not sound as desired,
unused potential is wasted, or they are intended for
a different purpose.

This is where we come in and offer modifications,
whether various optimizations or a completely new crossover.

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