Capacitor Calculator

Calculating the nominal voltage from VDC to VAC. And help with dimensioning.



Calculate Capacitor Voltages

Kondensator Spannung Capacitors are often only supplied with the rated voltage
specified as direct current (DC).
However, on a crossover we need alternating current (AC) for proper dimensioning.

Calculate Current (Insert AC or DC)
DC Volt   AC Volt
Last Ohm   Veff Volt
Calculate values for ELKO
For speaker load capacity
HiFi: W   Veff: W
PA: W   AC: W
Peak: W      


Capacitor parallel connection
C1 + C2 = Cges  
 µF +  µF =  µF
Capacitor series connection
C1 + C2 = Cges  
 µF +  µF =  µF


 DC / Vpeak   DC voltage or Vpeak for AC voltage
 ELKO  Insert VAC to Veff (Ignore AC)
 Veff   RMS-Voltage (3dB) - Minimum without headroom
 AC   RMS-Voltage +1dB - Typical specification 
 HiFi  RMS-Voltage +3dB - Suitable for typical HiFi-Speakers
 PA  RMS-Voltage +6dB - Suitable for typical PA-Speakers
 Peak   RMS-Voltage +9dB - Oversized

This calculator assumes typical VDC to VAC values.
Depending on the capacitor type, VAC can, in rare cases,
also be 3-6dB lower than the values ​​calculated here.
AC and DC values ​​should always be taken from the data sheet.
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