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Jobst-Audio Büro
Founded in 2008, we are constantly growing, learning, gaining experience and optimizing.
We primarily develop loudspeaker boxes for private and commercial customers,
carry out permanent installations and repairs,
also offer a small rental fleet of event technology including staff
and sell products via our web shop.
Our warehouse/workshops are always available for a visit by appointment or open for collection of goods.
Jobst-Audio Office

As genuine as possible, operationally safe & a good value for money

This was true from our first development.
We want the sound to be as close to the original as possible, which doesn't just require a linear frequency response.
This does not mean that every speaker has to sound identically neutral,
but rather suitable for its intended purpose & Field of use.
We try to strike a balance between operational reliability, price and performance.
Operational safety always comes first, be it through slight oversizing,
conservative data, or a sensible DSP setup, as a rule. even all three.
Components must be related to each other and their intended use.

From the user for the user

We know the majority of the products sold or even work with them ourselves.
This means that, if you wish, you will receive optimal and detailed advice on each product, and for your own products even directly from the manufacturer/developer ;-)

The right tool for the right purpose

is our motto.
So we won't "sell" you the products on which we can achieve the greatest possible profit,
or which will save you the most money, but rather which products will best equip you for your project.
Community meeting

Web presence and community

It should be known that we have a presence on the Internet.
We run, among other things, the Lautsprecherforum.eu, where people can exchange ideas about self-building, hi-fi and event technology.
The Facebook group /lautsprecherbau, an image host called Audiofotos.eu, and a Discord-Server.
We can also be found in countless well-known boards and platforms.
We also organize so-called forum meetings, both small and large.
All kinds of interested people meet here to objectively compare products from all over the world,
to meet in person and with like-minded people and have interesting conversations

DIY loudspeaker construction

Jobst-Audio has always been known for many popular, some free, speaker construction plans
and instructions for building your own loudspeakers, especially in the area of ​​public address/event technology.
Despite so-called DIY, many products are now recognized in the pro audio scene and some are even capable of stageriders.
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